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This pandemic has been rubbish, (to put it lightly) and with the UK now in another lockdown, we know how hard this is going to be on millions of small businesses. How is a small business, with limited resources, going to stay afloat if no one can come and visit them? Well the answer is digital.

You will probably already have a website and some form of social media presence, however there is so much more to being digital than just a website and social media. And so much more to websites and social media than just having them. And this is what we want to show you.

We are holding a kind of consultation / Q&A / presentation / chat / webinar where we are inviting all small businesses across the UK to come and join us for small personable group chats on:

1. What is Digital & Why Should You Care?
2. Where Should You Start?
3. Other Areas of Digital to Consider
4. Little Tips to Get You Going
5. Your Business & Our Help

“Oh no this sounds like a boring presentation that I will fall asleep in.”

No, no and no for a third time. This is not going to be a boring presentation where you sit there for an hour listening to us talk, this is much more than that. Throughout the talk, we want you to stop us and ask questions. We want it to be really interactive and fun. And the best part of it all is that we will being looking into your business.

Your Business & Our Help is where we will take your business and look at all things digital. What we think your business is doing well, what your business can do better and what areas your business might be missing. It’s all about you here.

We will be holding two full days on the 14th (FULL) and 21st of January where each session will include a small group of businesses. This way we have more time to look at your business and more time to help you.

If you are interested, use the form below and select a preferred date. However, if you would prefer to just have a chat with one of us, please email us at and we can have a one to one chat with you.

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