Is Jamie relevant?

Is Jamie relevant?

It’s a big question we know, and one we are going to answer in this article. But before we get into it, let us explain what the hell this is even about.

Marketers love using stats! 200% increase here, £500,000 increase in sales there. And who wouldn’t when the numbers look so good? Numbers and stats can portray a story that engages users and helps them to buy. However, this does come with a big warning. When analysing the data, it can be very easy to interpret the number incorrectly and to tell a story that isn’t there.

“Campaign A has driven more sales than Campaign B so Campaign A is the best.” Campaign A may have driven more sales, but this doesn’t mean it was the better campaign, there may be many other factors behind why Campaign A worked.

Another example of where data can be interpreted the wrong way is one which includes pirates. Did you know that the reason the worlds average temperature is going up is because there are fewer pirates in the world now? It’s true. Don’t believe us take a look at the graph below courtesy of sisense.

Pirate vs Global warming

So this means to help combat global warming we need more pirates in the world. So everyone quick grab your eye patch, parrot and wooden leg and let’s save the world . . . See we told you that data can be misleading and tell a story that isn’t there. 

But how does this lead onto the question; is Jamie relevant? Well we are glad you asked.

We recently created a TikTok account because we are cool and trendy. Or at least some of our marketing team are. We have already posted a load of brilliant TikToks and had some amazing responses, but we also found something very interesting.

Jamie is NOT relevant!

That’s right. Our very own Head of Design Jamie Lawton is not relevant. And we have the stats to prove it.

Why Jamie is not relevant

We currently have two types of TikToks we make:

  1. TikToks with Jamie in
  2. TikToks without Jamie in

So we looked at these two types of videos and did a bit of analysis on the numbers. From this we found when Jamie was not in the video we saw an increase of 121% in views, 135% more likes and a whopping 533% more comments on our TikTok posts.

0 %
increase in views when Jamie is not in the TikTok
0 %
increase in likes when Jamie is not in the TikTok
0 %
increase in comments when Jamie is not in the TikTok

So what does this mean for Jamie?

Well there are two routes we can go down. We can exclude Jamie from all the TikToks we make, meaning they will get more views, likes, and comments. Or Jamie can step up and make himself more likeable. Either way, from the stats we have here we can safely say that it’s all Jamie’s fault when our TikToks don’t go viral.

And that’s why you can’t always believe the stats

Whilst this article is poking fun at Jamie, and we hope he doesn’t mind, (not that we care) the truth behind it is that data can be used in the wrong way. If you interpret data incorrectly and then implement your findings in a marketing campaign, it could easily blow up in your face. So always look past the numbers and see the meaning behind it.

Although we have definitely not interpreted these stats wrong. So pick it up Jamie or no more TikToks for you.

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