Meet The Tweed – James Scott our Head of Digital Marketing

Welcome to the wonderful world of the man with four first names. That’s right, you are about to learn everything about me, James Scott. Now before I start I just want to warn you all that growing up and living in the Midlands, or as everyone down South would say, ‘The North’, there may be a few terms that you have never heard of.

So before I start telling you the wonderful story of me, much like the other Meet the Tweed articles, let’s start off with one truth and one lie.

1. Every time I make a tea or coffee, I always put it straight in the microwave for 20 or so seconds to heat up.

2. I once accidentally landed a backflip whilst skiing by going too fast, losing control and going over a big jump.

So, who is this James Scott everyone keeps going on about?

Before you get me mixed up with James Scott the actor who was in Days of Our Lives back in the mid 2000’s, my acting skills are none existent. But what I am good at is Digital Marketing. Which is handy since I am the Head of Digital Marketing here at Milk & Tweed.

I was born in the very early 90’s and grew up as a small and mardy child. I grew up in the era of digital revolution where we went from having no mobile phones, dial up internet and only 5 channels, for less than a decade to being able to surf the web and watch multiple channels from a mobile phone. And I think this is why I love technology and marketing so much, because marketing has evolved drastically throughout my entire life.

When I am not working, I love to run in circles and chuck stuff (athletics). I also love hugging people and chasing an egg round a field (rugby). I am also a big walker and love gaming. Oh and much like cows, I can wiggle my ears. Maybe I was destined for Milk & Tweed after all . . .

My journey that lead me to the amazing Milk & Tweed

Up until about the age of 24 I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I studied Business & IT at University, worked as an IT Technician for a few years, then moved into an office job where I tried my hands at almost everything. And it was there, in my first proper office job where I learnt about the wonderful world of SEO.

In 2014 I started working at PDW Group, in which I wore many hats; customer services, front of house, IT, web development and marketing. I loved it there as I got to try lots of different things and never once got bored. Part of my role there was marketing the business and thus I started reading up about Digital Marketing and into SEO. And I was hooked.

There was so much to learn about and I started studying day and night, reading every article on the web about SEO and how to improve a website and attract more visitors. I loved SEO so much that I knew that is what I wanted to do. So I left PDW Group for an orange business called Text Marketer.

At Text Marketer I was able to work with a larger team. Learning from my colleagues as well as speaking to the sales team. Which, for anyone who wants to get into marketing, go and speak with your sales team. They will tell you exactly what your customers are asking for and saying. I continued my development and continued reading up and watching videos on SEO, PPC and all things Digital Marketing. I loved it there as we had a great team, we got regular bacon cobs on a Friday, worked on a wide variety of marketing campaigns as well as meeting a range of different people. And this is where I met our Creative Director Jake Jeffries. Jake was my boss, and not to trump his own horn but he was a great boss. But enough about Jake this is about me.

I decided after 3 years I needed to try something new and moved down the road to a business called e-days. Again I continued my marketing development until one evening, after about 8 months or so I got a phone call. I was walking home after work one day, up a very steep hill, and got a phone call from Jake. He wanted me to work with him again. He didn’t need to ask twice, I jumped at the opportunity, and in July 2020 I started working at Milk & Tweed.

So why did I join Milk & Tweed?

Well there were numerous reasons. One being that I got on really well with Jake and together we broke every Text Marketer record there was going in our 3 years together. Another reason was that I would be the Head of Digital Marketing, which was the next step I wanted in my career. But mainly it was what Jake was trying to build. And that wasn’t about growing to X amount in 10 years, it was about building a team and culture.

It’s very important to me that I have a good work life balance and that I enjoy coming into work every day. And this is what Jake was pushing as well. A business that truly puts its employees first and at Milk & Tweed they really do that. With unlimited holidays, team lunches, 2 weeks off at Christmas, birthdays off, the list goes on. The culture here really is amazing and whilst I do work up in Nottingham, all cold without a branded Milk & Tweed hoodie (hint hint Jake) I love it.

So is this it for James Scott?

That is simple. Yes. I don’t want to leave Milk & Tweed and I see myself working here the rest of my career. We have already hired two amazing people to join my team and we are looking to grow the whole business and hire even more people. So as boring as it sounds I am here to stay.

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