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Meet The Tweed: Jon Ladd, Our Head of Operations & Support

Hola, I’m Jon and I pretty much milk the cows here at Milk & Tweed. What? You didn’t know that we have cows. Well, why else are we called Milk & Tweed. We all wear tweed jackets and get our morning milk from the cows.

There’s so much to learn about me and my history, but first, try and have a guess which one of these 2 statements is true about me (make sure you read them carefully):

  1. I tricked my brother into loaning me money and never paid it back.
  2. I tricked my other brother into breaking a car window by throwing a stone at me.

Who is Jon Ladd?

I am the Head of Operations and Support here at Milk & Tweed where I make sure that everything runs smoothly, our clients are happy and keep an eye on all things relating to the business. But not milking cows, that was clearly a bad joke. There isn’t much I don’t know about Milk & Tweed!

I started out as a Graphic Designer and studied Graphic Design at Southampton Solent. I have a few hobbies, one of which is gardening. During the spring and summer, I spend most of my free time planting new seeds or plants or completing projects within the garden.

The second is building and collecting LEGO. I of course say EVERY purchase is for the kids, but it’s really for me. We have a vast collection of LEGO and it’s forever growing. And won’t ever stop, even if my wife rolls her eyes every time I come home with a new box.

How I came to work at Milk & Tweed

After finishing University I started working in Bath at Parragon Publishing. They were a large company working on a range of fantastic licences. I started off by working on Disney titles and mainly creating sticker sheets. This quickly involved and worked my way up to Middle Weight Designer and was the lead on the Marvel licence. This included creating artwork for full titles, creating creative concepts and ideas for future launches. I enjoyed my role but I wanted to work with a smaller, more close-knit team.

After a few years of trying a couple of different roles, I met Rich Anderson who was the director of Boson Web, the company I worked with before the merger with Milk and Tweed. This was a great opportunity for me as I was able to learn more about the world of website development.

The work with Boson Web was great as it was very mixed and we had such a fantastic range of clients. Some of which we still work with today.

After working with Rich for 18 months I was introduced to Jake the Creative Director at Milk and Tweed and the merger started to happen. This was a great opportunity to help Jake grow Milk & Tweed and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far.

My day to day job varies drastically. I could be talking to clients in meetings, developing the next website or pitching to a new prospect. This is one of the things I love about working at Milk & Tweed, plus lunchtime darts (which I am not great at).

After the merger, I wanted to stay working with Milk & Tweed as I could see the potential in the company and the growth that was coming. I had seen it with Rich and wanted to continue to help that happen, to also help Jake create one of the strongest creative agencies in the South West.

Why I love working at Milk & Tweed

There is nothing better than coming into the office to work with a bunch of creatives every day. We have a fantastic team and it’s a pleasure to be able to work with such a great group of people. However, the most important thing and the reason I love working at Milk & Tweed is our clients. We have such a varied client base which keeps things fresh and exciting and I spend a good majority of my time getting to know all of our clients…

Oh and also that the beer fridge is also full of Brewdog at the end of each Friday!

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