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Meet The Tweed – Meg Fenner-Jamieson our Digital Marketing Executive

Hey hey, I’m Meg (not Megan) and yes they named the shark film after me. I’m the funny, smart, and incredibly humble one here at Milk & Tweed, and apparently writing one of these blogs is a requirement of the job so get ready because you’re in for a fun ride.

But first, guess which one of these ridiculous statements is a sneaky, sneaky lie, and maybe you’ll get a prize at the end… 

  1. I broke down on the motorway once and caused a traffic jam over a mile long.
  2. I nearly broke my leg at 5 when a gravestone fell on me.

Who is Meg?

I was born in 1997 (six days before Christmas, thanks mum and dad) in Bath, and had a pretty nomadic childhood until the age of 5, moving from Bath, to Leeds, to Glasgow, then back down to various spots across Wiltshire. In my family, I’m the resident DJ and music is a huge passion of mine. From hip-hop and grime, to disco and house; if I’m not listening to Kanye or J Cole, I’m listening to Disclosure or Purple Disco Machine. I’m a huge festival-goer and Glastonbury (because it’s the only one I’ve not done yet!) is next on the list.

But enough about music, let’s get to the good stuff.

Before I joined Milk & Tweed…

I decided after 1 year of sixth-form that education wasn’t for me anymore; we were getting to the point of choosing Universities and courses, and not having a clue what I wanted to do (and not being prepared to drop a couple a grand a year on something I wasn’t sure of!) I clicked on a strategically placed Facebook ad while sitting in the break room of my supermarket job and discovered my apprenticeship.

6 years, 12 jobs and 3 companies later and here I am. Choosing an apprenticeship was far and away the best decision I could have ever made for my career. I managed to get on-the-job experience from the age of 18 (which I was getting paid for, not paying for) and spent my time learning the ins and outs of Marketing, whilst getting a proper understanding of what life was like in the real working world.

The start of my journey with Milk & Tweed…

I would call myself a social butterfly, and with that-which-won’t-be-named-19 forcing everyone to work from home, I could feel myself losing that spark I always had that made it easy to talk to anyone and everyone. So there I am, scrolling through LinkedIn when I see the job ad for Milk & Tweed. I wouldn’t say I was actively looking at the time, but I loved the website, loved the job description, and just got an immediate sense that this was the place for me. Digital Marketing? Check. Fun, friendly, team with a diverse clientele? Check. Unlimited holidays? Check!

I applied, went through a few rounds of interviews and before I knew it I was handing in my notice and getting ready to start setting alarms and wearing something other than pyjamas all day. James eased me into things, and before long I was working on SEO for global cyber recruitment companies, content creation for e-commerce wine retailers and social media management for facilities management companies. That’s one of the great things about M&T, no two days are the same; it’s incredibly fast-paced, super varied, and always masses of fun.

My favourite thing about working for Milk & Tweed

I worked fully in-house until Milk & Tweed, for the IT industry, recruitment industry, and the fuel industry. I learnt a lot and was surrounded by some fantastic people, but I think it’s safe to say that none of these industries are the sexiest or most exciting for a young digital marketer to be sinking their teeth into. 

Being 24, I decided it was time to see if I could find my people and I definitely have with Milk and Tweed (cringe). But it’s true; read any of these Meet the Team blogs and they all say that their favourite thing about being here is the people. And it’s because the team here is full of truly incredible, funny, hard-working, dedicated people. Couldn’t ask for more, could you!

What the future holds for me…

To be honest, I barely know what I’m having for dinner next week, let alone ‘what the future holds for me’. I’m not big into planning, but I can’t see myself anywhere other than here. I can’t wait to grow with the business and the rest of the team, continue learning and expanding my skills (I vow to myself I won’t be intimidated by Illustrator one day) 

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