Milk & Tweed’s Charity Marathon Month

No, we are not going to be running a marathon, but we have a marathon month of charity donations. This year we are going to be kicking off an annual tradition here at Milk & Tweed. Every September we will be doing a Charity Marathon Month to raise money for causes closest to our hearts.

In November 2020, sadly our Creative Director Jake Jeffries lost his sister, Laura Jeffries. She was an incredible woman, sister, mother, auntie and daughter and is incredibly missed by her family and friends every day

She had a long battle with cancer, throughout which she tried lots of different treatments and even some new experimental ones that the NHS were testing – she tried anything and everything during the battle, and did it with a smile on her face, astonishing positivity and bravery.

Since day one of her diagnosis, the NHS was absolutely incredible. All the amazing staff that helped her and the family over the years, from the surgeons, to the specialists, to the nurses – they were all absolutely amazing, and did an unbelievable job. We should all be very proud of our NHS, and the amazing work they do, they really are real life superheroes.

In the last few weeks, Laura was at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, on the William Budd Ward, which is the cancer unit. The care, love and attention they provide not only for the patients, but their family members, really is astonishing – and something that will never be forgotten.

Laura’s birthday is on September 28, so Milk & Tweed will be making a donation every year in September specifically to the William Budd Ward, in remembrance to the amazing woman that Laura was and to say thank you to the NHS staff for the amazing treatment that she received. It will also support future patients and families so they also get amazing help, support and care during an incredibly tough time.

But there is more…

So to really give this Charity Marathon Month the gusto it deserves, the Milk & Tweed team will be playing four games across the month of September, with each winner getting to choose a charity of their choice for Milk & Tweed to make a donation too as well.

Everyone has causes and charities that are close to their heart, and here at Milk & Tweed we want to try and help those meaningful, amazing causes and people.

The Milk & Tweed teams chosen charities:

Jamie Lawton
Sam Jones
Miles Clements
Meg Fenner-Jamieson
Amelia Bishop
Jon Ladd
James Scott

Keep an eye out on our social media for the fun, games and winners!

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