Carl Todd Clinics

Want results from Digital Marketing? Be like Carl Todd Clinics and be patient

3 months vs 12 months - Why the wait was worth it for Carl Todd Clinics

Quality marketing takes time. It’s not something you can rush.

Yes you can invest in PPC and Paid Advertising, both providing you with that initial boost of new sales. You can leverage Email Marketing to help sell to your current customers, but nothing compares to a quality ongoing marketing strategy.

And this is exactly what we said to Carl Todd Clinics back in 2020 when they enquired about us helping them with their SEO and Digital Marketing.

The initial conversation with Carl Todd Clinics

Carl Todd Clinics, who are a multidisciplinary healthcare practice based in Wiltshire, were looking to expand across the South West. After we designed and built their new website they asked us if we could help them manage it as well as look after their digital marketing.

They wanted to see some quick results from our marketing efforts, be that an increase in website traffic, increase in social media followers or more people booking appointments.

We explained that whilst we were confident we could provide them quick results over the first few months, to see quality results from SEO and Digital Marketing it can take up to a year, sometimes longer.

They completely understood this and in 2020 we started working with them on their Digital Marketing.

What it looked like after the first 3 months

After only working with Carl Todd Clinics for 3 months, they saw some improvements to their website and SEO.

They saw a 5% increase in total leads, 39% increase in SEO leads. Their website traffic went up by 17%, blog traffic increased by 6% along with multiple other improvements.

As you can see some of the stats dropped a bit. There were fewer people clicking through from Google and their Average Position in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) actually dropped. There were mixing factors to this, one being the time of the year, fewer people were searching for their service then and we were ranking for lots more new keywords, which were all in position 60 – 100, meaning the average was brought down.

However, it was a great start and both Milk & Tweed and Carl Todd Clinics were happy with the results. But like we said, quality marketing takes time. So let’s take a look at what a year working with Milk & Tweed can do for you.

What it looked like after the first year

All in the green now! 

Working with Carl Todd Clinics for a year allowed us to work on a full marketing strategy. Including writing quality content that is ranking in first place on search engines, optimising their PPC account which now receives a steady flow of new appointments each month, improving the technical and content side of the website, engaging social media posts, along with all other areas of Digital Marketing.

Along with all those core improvements, we managed their email marketing which saw an increase in clicks by 2.5% per email and their Instagram account saw followers increase by 42%.

So, are Carl Todd Clinics happy?

We would like to think so, but instead of us guessing, why don’t we let them tell you.

“Over the past 15 months we have been working with Milk & Tweed to help improve our digital marketing campaigns and enhance our website, so that patients gain an all round experience, benefiting from practical information to booking appointments online. The entire team at Milk & Tweed are very professional but also incredibly friendly and approachable. They offer good suggestions but also listen to what we have to say, ensuring that we are always part of the journey. We are very happy with the results they have achieved for our business this past year and we are excited to see what the future holds working alongside them!” – Mel & Carl Todd, Owners

The close relationship between Milk & Tweed and Carl Todd Clinics has been a huge factor behind the success. This is just the very early stages of the relationship and we are excited to see how we can continue improving Carl Todd Clinics over the next few years and beyond. And remember with Digital Marketing, slow and steady wins the race.

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