The Sparkling Wine Co.

50% increase on previous Black Friday Sales record

Milk & Tweed help Sparkling Wine to smash their Black Friday sales record by 50%

Anyone who works in sales will tell you breaking a record feels great. But the best feeling in the world is absolutely smashing a sales record and helping a business to eclipse their previous Black Friday sales.

Well that is exactly what we did when we helped promote The Sparkling Wine Co. Black Friday sale in 2020.

50% increase on previous Black Friday sales record

2020 has been a very difficult year for almost every business across the UK. Those in the food and beverage industry like pubs, cafes and restaurants have been forced to close down for long periods of time, meaning their suppliers haven’t been able to supply them with beer, food and most importantly wine.

The Sparkling Wine Co. is one of those businesses who has been affected by Covid-19. The Sparkling Wine Co. provides wine on tap to restaurants, pubs and festivals right across the UK. And with Covid-19 shutting down all festivals throughout the year and pubs and restaurants being closed for long periods at a time, it has been an extremely difficult time for them.

32% more orders in November than previous months in 2020

The Sparkling Wine Co. came to Milk & Tweed to help boost their end of year sales and help them to promote their Black Friday Sale. Our aim was not to just target existing customers but to attract new ones as well. With these new customers not only helping with this sale, but becoming a lifelong customer and helping The Sparkling Wine Co. for many years to come.

For this, we put together a strategy in early October and used a mixture of PPC, social media and email marketing to promote the sale. Even though Black Friday in 2020 was during the UK November lockdown, we still went ahead with the strategy knowing that our task was going to be that bit harder. But nothing stops us.

The end results were amazing. We managed to sell out two of their products almost within the first week, increase orders in November by 32% compared to previous months that year and we may not have mentioned this, but we smashed their previous Black Friday record by a whopping 50%.

A pretty good Black Friday sale even if we do say so ourselves. Just imagine what we could have done if there was no lockdown . .

"I didn’t know a Black Friday sale could go so well. From start to finish Milk & Tweed have been outstanding, creating amazing social and email images, as well as putting a strategy together that has helped us to smash our previous Black Friday sales. I couldn’t be happier with what Milk & Tweed have done. Thank you."

Nish Morgan, Owner

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