We created a new logo, brand and identity for the wiltshire based IT services company Mintivo

Mintivo is a high end, managed IT support provider from Wiltshire. Their clientele is businesses, and big businesses at that. Ranging from 50 – 200 staff members, the types of customers they work with and provide IT support for, varies in industry but they are certainly all very professional and established. However Mintivo wanted a brand and design that steered away from the usual boring and stuffy IT companies out there. Their approach and their business is a lot more human and stylish than your typical IT company, and they wanted their modern, stylish, youthful personality to come through their design. We created an abstract mark that could be used to represent the brand, simple yet sophisticated. Their brand then reaches out into more modern abstract shapes, sharp angles and straight lines give off a stylish, modern and precise business feel.

IT logo design

“The logo and brand you have delivered is brilliant, it matches our business and aspirations"

We wanted everything to have a real nice modern feel, using the Mintivo green in different shades and tints through the abstract clinical clean shapes. After we created the brand for them we then went onto create their website, brochures, van designs, office graphics and we create on-going graphics for their social media.

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IT company website design

“The website is fantastic, really sets us apart from our competition - thank you"

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