3 different logo styles and what to choose for your business

Deciding to rebrand, or coming up with a logo and brand for your new business venture can be very tricky, with so many visual styles, fonts and colours to choose from, it is very easy to get overcome by it all.

But the importance of your logo and brand should also not be overlooked. Acting as the face of your business, first impressions are very important and it can not only set the tone and tell the story of your business, but it can also attract or deter your customers.

When engaging with a design agency to look at your logo and brand, it is sometimes good to have a rough idea of what you like and what you don’t like. Here at Milk & Tweed we like to fully understand everything about your business, from its goals and target customers, to its competition. All this information and market research helps us to paint a clear picture of what your business logo needs to be to achieve those goals and attract those target customers.

But what are the different types of logos? Well here are the 3 main different types for you to think about…

Brand/logo mark

A symbol, icon or mark that represents your business, usually what you do or a representation of your name. A lot of major brands and businesses have this style of logo, as they are looking for their brand to become iconic and instantly recognisable. Apple, Twitter and even charities like Cancer Research UK, all have recognisable marks that even without the type, people still know its them.

Things to consider:
– To become iconic and recognisable, it will take time. You will first need to have the name and icon together and then overtime you will be able to just have the icon.
– Simple is always better.

Boson Web with Milk and Tweed Graphic Design and Digital Agency Charity logo design
Boson Web with Milk and Tweed Graphic Design and Digital Agency Chippenham Wiltshire Bath Business logo design

Work marks

The name of the business forms the logo in what is known as a word mark or logotype. Often used when a business or brand has a memorable or distinctive name, and often used in the food and drinks sector. Businesses like Visa, Coca-Cola have an edited and bespoke typeface that makes the word mark personal to them and their business.

Things to consider:
– Word marks tend to be shorter business names – if it is too long it can look messy.
– If your business has a great, short and snappy name then maybe a word mark is for you. The idea is that the name will then stick in your customers’ minds, so if you ever need to rename your business it could be tricky!
– Make sure the typeface chosen has some personality and character, maybe make some bespoke adjustments to the type so its personal to your business.
– Social media profile image, think about the small square for your social media business page, will it legible in there?


The abstract mark is similar type of logo to the logo mark, however it is not a literal representation of the business name or what they do. It is more of an emotional, abstract and stylish representation of the business. Without the need for a literal representation, you can be more creative in your logo, to deliver something unique, creative and beautiful.

Things to consider:
– Abstract logos often take a small detail from the business to create an idea or base for the abstract logo. A clever little idea can really make it.
– Think about the brand colour, as it becomes as important as the logo.

Boson Web with Milk and Tweed Graphic Design and Digital Agency in Wiltshire Chippenham Bath Swindon Business logo design

There are other types of logos, for example monogram logos if your business name is rather long you might want to consider a monogram logo. Often used in the media or big corporate businesses such as the BBC, HBO and IBM.

There are also mascot logos, emblems and combination marks, all can be used to help deliver your brand or business with the perfect logo. But one thing to remember is…

Simple is always better.

If you would like to chat about your brand and logo then please get in touch with us, as we would love to talk about your logo and brand.

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