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7 Reasons Why A Logo Is So Important to Your Business

Of course we’re going to say that a logo is important for your business, after all, it’s one of the things we specialise in. But a logo is one of the first things to consider when building your brand as it’s the one of the things that people will see and remember.

Everything is visual nowadays and humans register visual information better than other forms, so naturally a logo will communicate more effectively compared to other forms of information such as text. For example, when we say “Nike” what comes to mind? The simple yet iconic tick mark or the “just do it” slogan? Whilst the slogan is pretty recognisable, it’s the logo that will likely pop into your mind first.

So buckle yourself in and get ready to learn about the importance of a logo.

What is the purpose of a logo?

To understand the purpose of a logo, you need to understand the purpose of your business. What is it your business does? What do you provide for people? How do you help them? How do you want to come across? The answers to these questions will help to build your business and learn what makes it unique, subsequently helping you to identify what your logo needs to say to your audience. What your logo communicates is the entire purpose of having one – it’s the unique identifier of your brand and the first story that your business tells to people.

Here’s why your logo is so important

1. First impressions are everything

Your parents, teachers and any career advisor will always say, “make sure you make a good first impression”. Well, this is what your logo and brand needs to do, as your logo is often the first thing your potential customers will see and engage with. Does it look professional? Do they like it? No? Then they will move on to your competition. It is as simple as that.

2. Attention-grabbing with clear communication

Attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, particularly those of consumers as they just want quick results. So your logo needs to quickly convince consumers that you are worth their consideration. Your logo should grab attention and cleverly communicate the core values of your company.

3. The face that represents your business

Your logo is the face of your business and is often the first thing people will see. You need to be proud of it, you need to love it; you should want to share it, promote it, and slap it on anything and everything.
If you don’t love your logo, you might want to hide it away and not have anyone see it – if you don’t want your logo to be seen, think about what message that’s portraying to potential customers.

4. Informs the other creative elements of your brand

Where would you begin with creating, communicating and distributing your creative assets if you didn’t have a logo? Publishing a blank document, poster or even website would not attract any attention at all but incorporating your logo onto these assets would generate interest from audiences – a step in the right direction for forming the success of your business.

5. Separates you from your competition

Your logo should represent what your business stands for, whether that be values, style, ethos, services etc. Regardless of the design or style, you want your logo to define your business and separate you from your competitors. There are a lot of businesses that replicate a similar logo to their competition but the best ones stand out as being different and unique. Let your logo show consumers how much better you are than your competitors!

6. Trust, loyalty and recognition

A consistent brand builds trust, but also will make your logo and business become recognisable to not only your current customers but everyone else, including potential customers and stakeholders. Logos are a point of identification that customers can associate with your brand, so it’s important to have a memorable design to encourage loyalty going forward.

7. Relate and engage your target audience

Most of all, your logo and brand should relate to your target market, it should appeal to them, engage them and make them want to do business with you and trust that you will deliver. If you do not have a logo, or if you have a poorly designed logo, you are missing an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. As consumers develop an association with your logo, your company will become more familiar and accessible, which in turn will help to build a loyal community around your brand.

So that covers it, all the reasons why your business needs not just a logo, but a strong, identifiable logo that speaks volumes about your business and really establishes your brand identity. It’s the absolute first step to making your business move in the right direction. Onwards and upwards 📈

If you want to learn how the team at Milk & Tweed can help you create a professional logo, get in touch. We love designing logos for businesses of all types and sizes! It’s almost like it’s our job.

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