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International Fun at Work Day – Why it Should Be Everyday

What comes to mind when you read that title? Work outings? Team lunches? Dress-down Fridays? Company quiz?

Perhaps you even find it a little strange to hear the words ‘fun’ and ‘work’ together in the same sentence. And we completely understand. There is quite the image that’s been making its rounds for a very, very long time that work is serious, strenuous and laborious.

And sure, it does have to be serious and professional but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be enjoyable – a workplace without fun is really not a workplace worth your time or energy. 

We hope to provide some guidance on work-life balance with this article and shed some light on a, lesser-known holiday, International Fun at Work Day.

What is International Fun at Work Day?

Every year, International Fun at Work Day is observed on the April the 1st around the world. The day was created with the intention of making the workplace more creative, fun, and joyful.

A fun and healthy work environment encourages positivity and enhances team morale, which makes for stronger connections between employees and increases overall productivity, both in work and out.

Whilst International Fun at Work day can be celebrated however chosen to do so (and, we encourage you to incorporate fun everyday, not just on this April holiday), some ideas could be:

  • Play music
  • Have a dress code
  • Do a movie night
  • Hold a competition
  • Get some board games going
  • Bring in some baked goods

How Everyday is International Fun At Work Day Here

Having fun and enjoying your work is something that we are very big on. We believe that if our staff enjoy their job, their day and their work, this will reflect in the work they do for our customers, who in turn will love what we have done and praise our staff, which will make them happy… You can see the full circle pattern emerging.

Our work and studio culture here at Milk & Tweed is imperative to the success and happiness of our staff and our business and we try to make everyday as fun, enjoyable and rewarding as possible. We have an environment and a studio where everyone feels welcome, everyone feels comfortable to speak and voice their opinion, and that security allows for expressive ideas and creativity to flourish.

We have picnic tables and deckchairs to enjoy lunch, a drink or a chat on. We have a very busy dartboard that is used regularly, and our telephone box, drinks cabinet and beer fridge seem to be empty by the end of the day on Friday.

  • Unlimited holiday
  • Regular work lunches and drinks
  • 2 weeks off at Christmas
  • Everyone gets their Birthday off
  • Birthday presents, work anniversaries
  • Plus more and more

So yes, let’s all celebrate International Fun at Work Day, but every business should try and make everyday at work a fun and rewarding day.

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