Logo design for Chippenham and Wiltshire based charity Springboard

When we walked into Chippenham and Wiltshire based children’s charity, we didn’t quite know what to expect. However we were instantly blown away and we completely fell in love with the charity.

Springboard are a children’s charity who help and support children with disabilities, whilst also offering support to their families.

Obviously the work they do is simply amazing. But it is the staffs passion and love for the children that really comes across every time we visit Springboard. The children are incredible, and everywhere you look there are smiles stretching from ear to ear, and beautiful sounds of laughter.

After a few seconds with Jane and Helen at Springboard it was instantly noticeable their incredible passion for their charity and how incredibly proud they are of all their children. They spoke about previous children they have helped at Springboard, and their huge desire to be able to help more children and families through Springboard.

It was incredibly inspiring and heart warming to see such a passion to help others.

Charity logo design

Understanding their logo design 

We started to speak about the brand, and their logo design, and they really wanted something iconic, something that the children would engage and interact with, and that would become really recognisable for the children and the charity. 

It needed to be fun, friendly, playful, whilst also being professional and trustworthy to make people believe and trust the charity brand.

Charity logo design

Working with the brand design 

Lots of the children at Springboard use Makaton, a form of language that uses signs and symbols as a way of communication when verbal communication is troublesome. This spreads out throughout the charity, with lots of the children living their lives not through verbal language or written words, but by signs and symbols. And it is this that formed the basis of our logo design.

Touch and feel is also a very important sense for lots of these children, with their very own sensory room at Springboard, texture and patterns can play an important part of any children’s development.

Charity logo design

So we wanted to make an iconic S symbol to represent Springboard. A simple S that incorporated all the values and their methods to make the logo design really connect with the children.

The S is big, bold, chunky and friendly… Having it split up into sections not only represents the different rooms and areas with Springboard but it also allows us to add different patterns within the S. Which not only creates a striking and iconic S symbol, but through embroidery on staff uniforms the logo becomes really tactile, and allows them to create their big S symbol out of different materials to really enhance the sense of touch.

Charity logo design

We were honoured and privileged to design the new Springboard logo and become part of their story. Seeing the logo spread out across not only the building, the local area and the country, is amazing. 

Take a look at the full Springboard logo design project here, and visit their website here to find out more about the charity. (Updating their website soon too!)

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