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Milk & Tweed Help Springboard to Open Play Area

I am writing on behalf of Springboard Chippenham to thank you for attending the official opening of our new play area. It was lovely to be able to show you the completed project Milk & Tweed helped fund. – Springboard Chippenham

Springboard is a Charity in Chippenham supporting early years children (0-5 years) with special needs. The charity offers multiple resources (workshops, support, and training) and a preschool for children aged 2-5 years. In 2019 we redesigned their logo and branding in addition to donating some money towards their fundraiser for their new play area.

The new logo was specifically designed with the children in mind. The logos on the t-shirts were made from a material providing for an outlet of self-stimulatory behaviour. Self – stimulatory behaviour can reduce feelings of frustration. The logo designed in multiple sections allowed for a flexible approach to providing the stimulatory effects for multiple products. We redesigned the logo and all the branding for free.

As well as the free branding and logo, we provided funds towards their new play area that was in desperate need of renovation. The old play area became unusable in wet weather, which in England, famous for its showers, would have been a significant amount of time. The all-new playground offers the children significantly more outdoor time and exercise. The renovated playground was completely resurfaced and features a new pergola as an outdoor classroom, a safe space (quite space) and a space for non-mobile children, buzzlcimbing town and slide and so much more. The biggest highlight being, the children can play independently.

Springboard team opening play areas
Springboard bear and Jake Jeffries

Our creative Director Jake Jeffries attended the grand opening of the new playground where we received a Milk & Tweed Hummingbird plaque of which we could not be more grateful. Providing our support and specialisms was a pleasure and something we hope to continue to do for our local community.

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If you are interested in donating to Springboard head over to their website using this link https://springboardchippenham.co.uk/how-to-donate/

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