New Year, New Me: What exactly to look for with a new logo and brand

First off, everyone here at Milk & Tweed hopes you had an amazing Christmas and New Year… And you all managed to enjoy some good food, drink and a little time off.

With it being the start of the New Year, social media channels are inundated with ‘New Year, New Me’ and motivational posts around making the most of the upcoming year. 

When it comes to businesses, they are no different.

Business logo design

Here at Milk & Tweed we are just coming off the back of our busiest ever months, because we had lots of businesses approach us looking for that fresh start, the little update to improve either their logo or website to take their business to the next level. Which is great!

Giving your business an uplift with a new website or a brand new logo and brand, can really give your business that extra push, edge and motivation going into the New Year.

But what exactly do you need to be looking for when it comes to your business logo?

Logo design

Here are just a few tips and bits of advice that you might want to bear in mind when thinking about your new business logo or brand…

Don’t just settle for a logo. Your business deserves a brand
A brand is much more than just a logo, you want to have a clear visual style that represents your business and something that becomes recognisable to your customers. You might have a brand pattern, or specific graphic elements that feature across your business material to make your business stand out and become recognisable and even iconic with customers.

Paul Smith has its stripes. And Burberry has its check pattern. You want people to look at a piece of your literature or a social media post and say ‘that’s {insert business name}’ without having to see your logo. 

Does it appeal to your target audience?
Think about who your existing customer base is, and also who your perfect customer is, does your logo and brand appeal to them? Will that customer have faith and want to buy from you? Will the logo and brand make your customers want to do business with you?

Every business is different, and every customer is different. However if you can paint a picture of your average ideal customer and what they are looking for, then make sure your brand and logo would appeal to them.

Does it represent your business well?
Does the look and feel of the logo and brand suit your business and you? Your logo and brand is the face of your business, does it say what you want it to say about your business?

Stylish? Playful? Serious? Quirky?

Make it simple
Don’t overcomplicate your logo. Simple is always better. Hence why the biggest brands and businesses in the world all tend to go with clear and simple logos, Apple, Nike etc. all with bold and simple logos. 

Try not to follow current trends or styles that would soon become outdated, meaning that you will need to do another rebrand soon after.

Think about your colour palette
Colour is always important, particularly when it comes to logo design and branding. Think about what colours say, for example purple is associated with trust, have a colour that matches your business, but also makes you stand out against your competition. 

Is your brand going to have one specific colour that becomes iconic for the brand? EasyJet and orange for example?

Think about different mediums as well as size
Another thing you need to do is think about where and what your logo is going to be printed on. Will it need to go on big signs? Will it need to go on staff uniforms?

Also with the introduction of social media, your business now needs to be represented in a small circle for Instagram and square for LinkedIn, so your logo needs to be able to work at a very small digital size too.

We can help discover and deliver all of the above and more for your business logo. So if you and your business are looking for a new logo then get in touch and we can help give your business the logo and brand it deserves and something you can be proud of. 

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