Oscar Windebank in Corsham relaunch with new logo design

Oscar Windebank is a timber merchant in Corsham Wiltshire, that first opened its doors way back in 1872, selling hard and softwoods to the trade and the general public.

Recently the business was sold, and the new owners wanted to relaunch the business with a new logo design and brand.

Business logo design

Logo design

Typically, construction, building services and trade logo designs can be very literal. But we wanted something modern, stylish yet with an air of sophistication and a nod to their long-established heritage.

The mark is an abstract representation of the inside structure of wood, the rings that show the age of the tree and the knots that add that character and personalisation. We thought this would would perfectly to represent the heritage of their business.

Business logo design

Brand design

We wanted a fresh and modern colour on the brand and logo design to reflect the new business direction and style. And teamed with some nice type, we think it truly represents the Oscar Windebank business. 

No matter what the business or the sector, logo design and brand design is the face of the company, it represents the business and is what your customers will connect with. Getting your logo design is imperative for this reason, it should be something you are proud of, and want to show off to the world, but also something that makes your customers want to engage with you.

Business logo design

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