The customer is not always right

Now please bare with us on this one, we like to think our customer service is pretty great and we have a very good relationship with all our customers – we love them all 🙂

But one thing that has bugged our Creative Director Jake since he started his design career many years ago, (he won’t thank us for putting ‘many years’ in there), is the following phrase…

‘The customer is always right’

Of course the aim of every business is to have exceedingly happy customers. And that really is our biggest buzz here at Milk & Tweed, seeing and hearing from all our happy customers about how much they love their logo or website. We want produce amazing work and have ecstatic customers.

All our designers here are highly trained, either University degree graduates, or highly talented apprentices learning from our more experienced designers. This knowledge about design, what works, what doesn’t, and the years of working experience, all goes into the work we produce day in, day out.

And that is the point we are making, if we didn’t care here at Milk & Tweed, we would simply be a ‘Yes’ agency, and say yes to everything and anything, but we don’t. Because we care not only about our work and reputation, but also about our customers and their business. We like to advise and give our advice and thoughts about every project we commit too.

You wouldn’t go to the hospital and tell the surgeon how to operate on you.

When selecting a design agency to carry out either your logo, website or any design work, it is important you don’t select a yes agency. An agency that is just looking to get money in and get the job done as quick as possible and move onto the next. They don’t want to challenge you, and ask you why? They will say yes to your every request without asking why, or advising on the decision. And if you were the experts and knew everything, then you wouldn’t be looking for a design agency to help design for you.

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You want an agency that is committed to your project, willing to advise, willing to give you their opinion as well as take on your opinions and feedback, to work with you to find the right solution for you and your business.

No one will know your business better than you, and your knowledge about your business will be invaluable to the project. But so will the knowledge of your agency or designers.

Now we don’t want this post to come across as us being stubborn creative types thinking that we are always right, because we certainly are not that! At the end of the day it is always our customers who have the final say. But what we do here, is go above and beyond to help deliver the best possible outcome for you and your business, by giving and inputting all our years of education, knowledge and hard work into every project we do.

If you have a project that you would like to talk about then please do get in touch, no project is too big or too small. Let’s talk.

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