Time to cut the bullsh*t – what you really need to look for

Every industry unfortunately is prone to people talking bullsh*t. And sadly the design and marketing industry can be particularly bad for this. Jargon talk is everywhere nowadays.

Nothing annoys us more than someone saying a load of long, clever sounding jargon words, that end goal is to confuse the customer into thinking they are in safe hands and them saying yes and signing up for whatever is presented to them.

As at first instance, they might sound impressive, like they really know what they are talking about. However when you delve into the detail more, and dissect what they have actually said, most of the time it becomes meaningless.

Jargon talk can often be used as a distraction technique to hide lack of actual knowledge and ultimately, the quality of work. Of course this is not always the case, but when it comes to design and marketing, the agency should be able to clearly explain to you their process, their plans and ideas – in plain, simple English.

What you need to look for when selecting a design, marketing or web agency

Most important of all. The biggest factor of all. Make sure you take a good look at their portfolio of work, look at their examples of logos and branding, their existing websites and their existing client base.

Do you like their style of work?
Have they done work in your industry sector?
Have they got customers that are a similar size to you?

At the end of the day, the saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’. And its the end result, the quality of the work at the end of the project that matters. So make sure you take a real good look at their portfolio of work to see if it fits with your style and what you are looking for.

(Take a look at our work here)

Boson Web with Milk and Tweed Graphic Design and Digital Agency leaflet design
Boson Web with Milk and Tweed Graphic and Digital design agency Chippenham_Mobile wordpress websites

Testimonials and reviews

Have they got reviews and testimonials on their website? What are there clients saying about them? Does it look they their clients have a continuing relationship with them – are they getting more than one project done with them?

History and about the agency
Also one other thing to look at might be how long the agency have been going for, where they are they based? Also take a look to see how many people are working at the agency. These factors might not be that important in the grand scheme of things, but it might be something to consider if you are looking for a local agency that can work with moving forward.

So the moral of the story is to not believe the bullshit. Do a bit of research and make sure you like the quality and style of their work. And if you would like our work, then we should talk.

To sum up everything, we leave it to the amazing Bob Mortimer – who sums up jargon bullshit brilliantly in this funny video

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