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Email campaigns that make you click

Email is a great way to keep in touch and in the minds of your customers. Email is not only used to sell, it can be a great tool to tell your clients about company news, tips or advice or seasonal promotions.

We can help plan, design, write and send your email campaigns – so you don’t have to lift a finger unless you want to.

Emails that sell

A popular use for email marketing is selling, whether that be seeing specific products, or selling services. All this can be done through targeted email campaigns, with the right email strategy, you could be sending emails to the right audience, on the right day and the right time – to get those sales rolling in.

Email, not all about selling

A fantastic use of email is, sending your customers tips, advice or interesting bits of information. This then becomes a really useful email for your customers to receive and paints yourself as an expert in your sector, so they will come to you whenever they have a need in the future.

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