Milk & Tweed's 5th Birthday-13

Today marks 5 years of Milk & Tweed!!

Well, it’s been 5 years of Milk & Tweed as we know it today, however the business before the revamp originally began in 2015. But let’s not get into the technicalities…

What a crazy and exciting roller coaster it has been. From a tiny room above a pub, to taking a chance on a young, enthusiastic apprentice (spoilers: he’s still working and thriving with us today!), to now a growing team of 17 spread all across the country (and even the world!). Happy wood anniversary to us!

Before we take a look at the highlights of the last 5 years, let’s hear a little more about our humble beginnings from our founding father – Jake Jeffries:

“It all started many years ago in a little room above a pub I was living in (shout out to Old Road Tavern). In the first two months, I won a three month contract to redesign the brand and website for a big mobile communications company. Before I knew it, that turned into a 7 year full time job as Head of Design and Marketing! After 7 years, I decided to go out on my own again and reestablish Milk & Tweed.”

Jake Jefferies – Creative Director

There it is, the birth of Milk & Tweed. And to think that if Jake didn’t decide to revisit his original start-up, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Now let’s take a look at a snapshot of the last five years!…

The year isn’t over yet! We have a huge website redesign in the works, as well as our Charity month of fun to plan for September and our biggest Christmas party yet! But first, we plan to celebrate this achievement with a small office party, accompanied with a big cake and paired with a good game of darts and perhaps a rum or two…

And of course, a huge thank you to amazing customers. You have all been so important in our growth, and making Milk & Tweed what it is today. It’s not always easy trusting someone else to bring your brand to life, but we couldn’t be more grateful to our past and present customers for entrusting us to do what we love! A huge shout out to the early ones that are still with us today, working with us every month, like Mintivo, Carl Todd Clinics, Intaso… too many to mention! You are all stars!

But also a BIG thank you to the whole Tweed team, who continue to produce great work, great results and make this an amazing and fun place to work! 

We are so excited for the future and to continue to grow and evolve as a full creative agency. Here’s to many more years of empowering businesses to reach their goals and achieve success.

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