Now is the time to focus on your business

Everything at the moment with this Coronavirus is mental. Its crazy. Never did we think that we would see something like this. And we really do hope that everyone is staying safe and keeping well in these unprecedented times. The most important thing is always the health and wellbeing of our family and loved ones.

There is no doubt that these are scary times for businesses, uncertainty about what the future holds is at the forefront of everyones minds.

BUT… Now is the perfect time to focus on you and your business. Whether that be revisiting your logo and brand, getting on with that new website that you have talked about for years, or creating your startup business that you have always wanted, but never found the time for. Now is the time.

When the dust settles and we come out of the other side, businesses will need to be in fighting shape. And it is the businesses that are prepared and ready that will come out stronger.

Your logo and brand

Now is the time to focus on the face of your business, is your logo and brand representing you correctly? Does it speak to your target customer? Could it be improved? Is it better than your competition?

It could be time for a full redesign, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be that your logo and brand just needs a bit of tweaking, refining and updating.

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Make your website work harder

Improve the design, make it faster, make it simpler to navigate, improve those calls to action, and create better content for your website

Again it might be a full redesign, or it could be just some extra pages or some improvements and tweaks to what is currently there.

Get your digital marketing game on point

A very important one. Unfortunately when this Coronavirus is all over there will probably be a mad dash and fight for new business and clients. So now really is the time to invest in getting your business and brand name out there and your digital marketing game strong.

Make sure your website is ranking for your target keywords on Google as high as possible up the page. Get professional SEO help to increase your website visibility on Google.

Increase and improve your social media presence. Everyone is at home (apart from the footballer Jack Grealish). So everyone is bored, scrolling endlessly up and down social media channels, now is the time to start getting your brand and business in front of them. They might not purchase or make contact today, but whenever this shit storm is over there is a good chance they might.

We have been helping one of our clients the Gladstone Arms in Wiltshire. A restaurant that was about to be massively hit by the movement restrictions from the Coronavirus, but we switched them to a takeaway menu and started pumping out the menu across social media, and they have been rammed with orders! They have completely sold out on some days!

"I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with my website and social media, especially at the moment! I was really worried, but because of you, I feel like I’m in such a strong position and days ahead of most of my competitors thanks to your ideas and social media graphics. Regards, Leighton Davis Gladstone Arms"

So yes it may all be a little crazy at the moment, but keep your focus and keep powering on. There is still business to be won.

But most importantly stay safe and well – love to all.
And to all the NHS staff, we thank you and salut you.

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